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Download Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2016 + Drivers Free Full

Download Windows XP Gold Windows XP SP3 2016

Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2016 a new version of Microsoft Windows xp Gold or Gold version have prepared for you today, but many still use this operating system. The operating system still has its fans today can get it from the download site soft side. This version of Windows that includes the latest updates Rsanyhast and automatically update can do and contains all the standard drivers (audio, video, network) and the user can install additional software. You now have the new version and Windows XP Gold Gold Windows XP from downloading soft polyurethane get. You can also Download Windows Xp SP 3 Glass Super Edition 2014 Free Full

Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2016 Update:

* Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Kb936929).
* Windows XP and Posready the 2,009th Updates / Hotfixes until 14.7 [July] .2015.
* Windows Genuine Advantage Validation V1.9.42.0 (Kb905474) {Cracked}.
* Windows Internet Explorer v8 ( Roll Back to 6 possible).
* Windows Media Player v11 (Roll Back to 9 possible).
* Windows Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 (Kb969084, Kb2813347-v2, v3 Kb2870165-).
* Windows Rights Management Client (Kb979099).
* Windows Driver 1.9 frameworks – User Mode (Kb970158) and Kernel Mode (Kb970159).
* Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1.0 (Kb952013) – Image Mastering API v2.0 (Kb932716-v2, Kb952011).
* Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1. 0 (Kb952013) – ICCD Smart Card Driver.
* Windows Installer V4.5.6002.23731 (Kb942288, Kb3072630).
* Windows XP exFAT file system driver update package v1.0 (KB955704).
* Windows XP Update Root Certificates [July 2,014th] (Kb931125, Kb3050995).
* Windows XP Capicom V2.1.0.2 (Kb931906).
* Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update v1.2.
* Microsoft Winusb 2.0 (Kb971286).
* Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack v1.2.
* Microsoft XML Core Services v4.0 SP3 4.30.2117.0 (Kb2758694).
* Microsoft Web Folders V12.0.6612.1000 (Kb907306), Kb2526086 / Rosebub).
* Microsoft Windows Browser Choice (Kb976002-v5).
* Windows Update V7.6.7600 .256.
* Windows Update Web Control V7.6.7600.257.
* Microsoft Update V7.6.7600.257.
* Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control V7.4.7057.249 (build time-stamp from 130,620 to 1,021).

Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2016 System libraries:

* Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtimes 9.0 c V9.29.1974 (June the 2,010th).
* Microsoft Visual C / C ++: v1.0, v2.0, v3.0, v4.0, 4.2, v5.0, v6.0, v7.0 (2002), v7.1 (2003), v8.0 (2005 SP1), v9.0 (2008 SP1), v10.0 (2010 SP1), v11.0 (2012 Update 4), v12.0 (the 2013th).
* Microsoft Visual Basic: v1.00, V2.0.9.8, V3.0.5.38, V4.0.24.22, V4.0.29.24, V5.2.82.44, V6.0.98.32 (SP6 Update KB2911777, KB2992332).

Additional libraries:

* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX V18.0.0.209 – (Optional).
* Adobelash Player NPAPI V18.0.0.209 – (Optional).

Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2016 patches:

* Extended Update Support Patch v1.0: Extends the Windows XP Gold 2016 update support from “April 2,014th” till “April 2019” (Posready the 2009th Updates).
* TCP / IP Patch v1.0: Allows you to have 16777215 (Maximum) Half-Open TCP Connections instead of 10.
* UxTheme Patch v1.0: Allows you to use un-signed Custom Visual Styles (Themes).
* Termsrv Patch v1.0: Allows you to have multiple concurrent remote desktop connections.
* SFC Patch v1.0: Allows you to disable and enable the Windows File Protection with the registry entry “Sfcdisable”.
* Sndrec

In the process for the installation, you can choose any of the following games:

* 7-ZIP 15.5 Beta – (Optional).
* Ammyy Admin 3.5 – (Optional).
* CCleaner V5.10 – (Optional).
* Foxid PDF Reader – (Optional).
* Internet Download Manager 6.23 Build 17 – ( optional).
* K-Lite Codec Pack 20.11 – (Optional).
* Mozilla Firefox 39.0 – (Optional).
* Right Click Image Converter – (Optional).
* TeraCopy 2.3 – (Optional).
* Total Video Converter 3.71 – (Optional ).
* Typing Master Pro 7.1 – (Optional).
* Ubericon – (Optional).
* UltraISO 9.6 – (Optional).
* Unlocker 1.9.2 – (Optional).
* USB Disk Security 6.5 – (Optional).
* 3.4 Utottent 3. – (Optional).
* WinRAR 05.20 – (Optional).

* Alien Wars – (Optional).
* Chicken Invaders 2 – (Optional).
* Cue Club (Optional).
* Subway Surfers – (Optional).



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