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Why We Should Upgrade from MS Office 2007 to MS Office 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade from MS Office 2007 to MS Office 2010


You have not yet upgraded to MS Office 2010, right? It is not a big decision to have to make.When there is a chance of switching to less expensive alternatives, you should jump in. And if this is about the Office upgradation, spending time and money over this effort is worthwhile.It is your right to use the features added to the software you have been using personally or professionally.You should take a serious look over MS Office 2010, as the new features are way impressive.

New Features, Improvements

Office 2010 is packed with notable features and improvements, singling itself out from its previous versions and its competitors. Take a look at the following features:

  • Tools for enhanced Outlook conversation and calendar management.
  • Improved data visualization in Excel and Sparklines.
  • PowerPoint is packed with new audio and video tools.
  • Office 2010 style ribbon has a universal ease of access in all Office apps.
  • Built-in PDF support

You can also read detailed features of microsoft office 2007 free download full version here.

A Solid Base of Support

Apple’s iWork hasappeared on the grid, but it doesn’t have the tools to compete with Office 2010. If you don’t have constant internet connection, Office 2010 should be your first pick.

Stiff Competition

Like Open Office, Google Docs and Zohoare noteworthy work. However, all are doing one thing – imitating Office 2010. They have their place, like the Free Microsoft Solution Office Live Web App. But they are kept from competing on the same level, like the Office Suite’s desktop version that includes Office 2010.

Improvements to Ribbon

In Office 2007, MSFTadded a new user interface to its Office Suite. Office 2010’s new ribbon has a continued refinement. The irritating Office Orb is no more, and now there is a clean Office Ribbon.

Skydrive Integration

Google Docs and Dropboxmay offer online storage; however, Microsoft provides its 25 GB for free with SkyDrive. With this version,the tech companyresolved the puzzle by including full integration between the Desktop Office Suite and their “Cloud” Microsoft Live Suite. Created into the File,Save,and Send ribbon options, users can upload, save, and share their docs to their SkyDrive account, along with 50 Megs of a maximum upload size.

Live Office Web Pages

Since Office 2010 enters a store, MSFT rolled out Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote to the cloud.These integrate with local OS, Browser, and Office 2010. With the Live Office web apps, users can edit docs, sharing them with everyone for free.

Loss of Docs

People have been complaining about losing their docs. SinceOffice’s previous versions had AutoRecover, yet great improvement isbrought to Office 2010. It prevents data loss from appcrashes, workingefficiently when users are close to lose a doc or miss to save.

MS Office SharePoint Server 2010 Support

You can use SharePoint 2010 to its fullest, and you need Office 2010 for this. The new SharePoint offers new features.With all 64-bit, it runs on Server 2008.

Protection from Malware

Office 2010 has a Protected View improvement to eliminate malware in e-mail attachments and Internet files. Also, it secures Word, PowerPoint, and Excel docs. The docs downloaded from hidden sources will be opened in a Protected View.

Less Price

Upon Office 2007 release, the prices were higher than 2010 – the only reason why nobody bought the upgraded version. As they purchased a new computer, they upgraded to Office’s new version.

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